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Full and half day Professional Development programs. 1 Hour Webinars. Infrastructure & policy audits including social media inclusion best practices.

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A passion for inclusion through thought-leadership with a focus on countering cis-normative and heteronormative systems of practice.

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Your bridge to inclusive practices, confidence in beyond binary language, and breaking the binary

Cathy Shaw - SSRCE Administrator

As an SSRCE (South Shore Regional Centre for Education) Administrator, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Cynthia Sweeney. Simply put, Cynthia embodies the philosophy of inclusion. Her devotion for creating a better, more accepting future for our youth is evident. It was the most educational and thought provoking hour I have spent in a very long time.’

March 2021

JAZZ Aviation

"Cyndi provided a balance between a comfortable space to discuss topics we wanted to learn more about and an environment that allowed for challenging our individual biases and our collective policies, systems and procedures here at Jazz.  Information was great, learnings were solid and action items resulted. Thank you Cyndi for sharing your experiences and the experiences of your colleagues to help make discussions real and relevant."

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The Pink Balloon

The Pink Balloon

A children's story about gender identity and shining as your true self.


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E-Learning Beyond Binary

This class offers professional development designed for over the lunch hour! Professional development with actionable takeaways.


E-Learning Perfecting Pronouns

...And so much more. Language confidence, an intro to gender neutral language, pronouns and a gateway to being intentionally inclusive.

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Hey, Cis!

Welcome to Season 2 of Hey, Cis!

A beyond binary journey to being a better human with hosts Cynthia Sweeney and Isaac Cook.

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