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Succeed at becoming an inclusive leader in your industry.

DEI specialists in shifting bias to move beyond binary with elevated cultural competency and creating workspaces where every individual thrives regardless of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.


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LGBTQ2+ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

Your bridge to inclusive practices, language and service delivery through a new lens

  • Full and Half day Professional Development programs

  • 1 Hour Webinar and Lunch & Learn
  • Infrastructure & policy audits including social media inclusion best practices

Hear Connor McKiggan as they talk inclusion education on CTV Atlantic Morning

"Even if you yourself use the pronouns that you were assigned at birth, by using them, you're being an ally and you're making it easier for someone else to talk to about their pronouns."


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Custom LGBTQ2+ programming for every business and service provider focused on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation and breaking barriers around workspace inclusion.

With the right knowledge and tools you will be an intentionally inclusive leader in your industry and you'll enjoy the transformation.

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The Pink Balloon, a story about gender identity and shining as your true self

It's here! Begin growing a library of inclusive children's stories for families and children, whether it be for your library, a gift or donated to an elementary school near you.

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Hey, Cis!

Welcome to Season 2 of Hey, Cis!
A beyond binary journey to being a better human with hosts Cynthia Sweeney and Isaac Cook.
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