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Beyond unchecked bias


Are you comfortable sharing your pronouns or asking someone theirs?

As a leader, it is time to bridge your intention with action and empower your skills with confidence to inspire the change needed to go beyond binary. Unlearning bad habits has never been this fun! Our programming supports organizations, businesses and service providers, and is custom designed by specialists dedicated to providing you with the skills to succeed at becoming inclusive leaders in your industry.

In-person workshops and professional development, inclusion business audits examining systems in place with barriers to inclusion. All programs feature actionable outcomes, toolkits to negotiate challenging situations and ongoing support from our DEI team of specialists.


DEI Services Provided for You

Here is what is on the horizon at Simply Good Form. Our team of facilitators and inclusion educators deliver Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programming:

  • Client retainer packages;
  • Internal inclusion reviews: policies, HR practice, recruitment and retention, social media and website;
  • 1-to-2 hour live virtual and in-person workshops;
  • Full & half day Professional Development;
  • Lunch & Learn Webinar with superior facilitation to combat zoom fatigue!

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Comprehensive company inclusion review audits

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Upcoming Workshops, Events & E-learning Courses

January 12th, 12-1pm

The Butcher, The Baker... The Charcuterie Maker... Do you feel safe in these spaces? Are they welcoming of all people? As an employer is your working environment culturally diverse and satisfied?

This workshop community is for business leaders and service providers striving to enrich their language, workplace practice and communication skills with thought-based inclusion.

  • Engaging hour of inspired tools, facts and language to extend your inclusive practice all year round
  • Attract a diverse clientele and workforce
  • Connect with other inclusive-minded business leaders
  • Actionable downloads, social media graphics and templates
  • Access to Replay via Community Membership

January's theme: Acceptance vs. Tolerance

All NEW Webinar Workshop Series


Week of November 15th

  • Builds awareness and acceptance for gender expansive, trans and non-binary students
  • Builds better peer allies and supports good citizenship
  • Erases stigma and celebrates diversity
  • Curriculum approved Lesson Plans Supports!
  • Elementary & Jr. Highs
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Lesson Plans & The Pink Balloon, a story about gender identity and shining as your true self

Inclusive Reads for Inclusive Schools

Join more than 3,800 students participating in reading inclusive stories during Trans Awareness Week. Lesson Plans included!

Visit our Blog to see schools who are registered.


The why and the know how:

Cynthia recently delivered a keynote at a TD sponsored Halifax Chamber event, Small-Business Big PRIDE. 

We invite you to tune-in and gain a greater understanding around BIG PRIDE as it relates to business leaders, educators and service providers.

The bridge beyond binary with Simply Good Form

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