Specialists in supporting companies and service providers with skills to succeed at becoming inclusive leaders in their industry

Through lived experience and unique skill sets, our team of professionals are about championing policies for inclusion and inspiring diversity awareness and acceptance through support and educational programs; including helping community members navigate their way successfully to the correct supports around issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation.


 Simply Good Form Consultancy is based in K’jipuktuk (Halifax) in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia), the traditional and unceded territory of the M’ikmaq people. Settlers and the M’ikmaq have lived in this territory under the provisions of the Peace and Friendship Treaties since 1760 and 1772. We are all treaty people in Mi’kma’ki.

Our certified programs are international.

Hi! I'm Cynthia Sweeney (she/her)

I am cis and I am straight. Why am I here educating about 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion and breaking heteronormative and cisnormative practices?

Inclusion is everyone's business. I draw from professional and lived experience and non-profit work. I recognize thoughtful conversations and dynamic action are the foundation for inspiring change necessary to fill the gaps in education and dismantle systemic prejudice and bias that is woven within our communities.

As a storyteller and community writer Cynthia is inspired by peoples stories - and listening fully.

She is the author of The Pink Balloon, a story about gender identity and shining as your true self, published in September 2021.

Her background is founded in children's television and film industry development, journalism and consulting. She gained 20+ years experience working in client service and production and earned her degree in Journalism from King's College and Geography Social Science from University of Western Ontario.  Since 2018 she's lead Pflag Halifax and proudly co-facilitates multiple support groups for parents and caregivers of trans and gender creative children. Cynthia is WPATH (World Professional Association of Trans Health) certified and educated in gender studies.

Cynthia is co-host of the podcast Hey, Cis! As a public speaker, Cynthia regularly participates in symposiums and is Vice Chair on the Board with Lunenburg PRIDE.

Hi! I'm Isaac (he/they)

Isaac is a Trans, Queer, Non-Binary person with a passion for making change. Throughout his life living within Nova Scotia, Isaac experienced first-hand the lack of accessibility and safe spaces for LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. Through volunteering with PFlag Halifax, facilitating his high school's Gender Sexuality Alliance and being a guest speaker at various schools, CBC Radio and various newspapers- he dedicates his time to supporting LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and families all over the globe.

With a degree in Linguistics and Criminology, Isaac brings a diverse background of both professional and personal experience to the team. As a social scientist with five years of communications experience, he found himself often working alongside cis-white men within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industries. He challenges this ‘traditional workforce’ by promoting policies and programs on inclusion and intersectionality, focusing on uplifting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC voices. 

Outside of his work within the LGBTQ+ community, Isaac enjoys cooking, travelling, astrology and hanging out with his dog Aspen, and cat Kiwi.

Isaac is co-host of the podcast Hey, Cis! 

Hi! I'm Connor McKiggan (he/they)

Named an ‘Inclusion warrior’ by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix while pursuing a double degree in Sustainability and International Development, Connor is a leader in breaking down gender binaries through his drag persona, Vanity Station. 

For the past five years, Connor has worked as a part of the local queer community by producing drag shows that create safe spaces, highlighting the art of local queer, indigenous, and BIPOC drag performers. 

Connor is passionate about plants, fish, and art. When not performing or volunteering Connor loves to spend time with his loving partner, their two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and one elderly cat. Connor is excited to translate his experience into concrete policies, education, and support for workplaces who are ready to move beyond binary thinking to create stronger, safer spaces.

Hello! I'm Emma Stanley (she/her)

I'm a queer trans woman from rural New Brunswick. My background is in Education, and I have 10 years experience teaching in 3 different countries. 

Currently I work in the arts, but I'm very pleased to be teaming up with Simply Good Form to try and make a positive change for the next generation of LGBTQ2S+ people in eastern Canada. 

I spend my free time drawing, and gaming, and my favorite place is probably the open desert in Oman at night. 

Jamie Maher (she/her)

Hello! I'm Jamie Maher (she/her)

I am a queer Mi'kmaq woman living and working in Halifax. I've worked in Child Protection for the past 5 years in Nova Scotia and Labrador. I recently completed my Masters of Social Work and had the opportunity to do a lot of research and work with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I've enjoyed volunteering with Halifax PRIDE and the Halifax friendship center.

Fun fact about me! Before gaining my masters and social work degrees I completed a diploma and worked as a carpenter. I am new to kayaking and an avid nature lover, feeling at home around open water.

Hello! I'm BriAnna Simons (she/her)

BriAnna Simons, B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W. is a Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping children and families improve their emotional health and strengthen relationships. BriAnna joins our Inclusion Team as an informed and engaging educator around working with children and families who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming/gender creative, or non-binary.

Her advocacy endeavours in the community, to bring awareness, support, and affirmation to transgender children and youth, along with her specialized training through the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and incorporating Child and Play Based Therapies as her primary area of practice make her a valuable member of our team. 

BriAnna’s clinical social work practice is governed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers.

BriAnna also proudly serves as a Board Director with PRIDE Lunenburg and is co-author of the inclusive children's story, The Pink Balloon.

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Cathy Shaw - SSRCE Administrator 

‘As an SSRCE (South Shore Regional Centre for Education) Administrator, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Cynthia Sweeney. Simply put, Cynthia embodies the philosophy of inclusion. Her devotion for creating a better, more accepting future for our youth is evident. It was the most educational and thought provoking hour I have spent in a very long time.’ 

Colin Durhan, PRIDE at Work Canada

"We were pleased to have Cynthia share both her personal and professional experiences at our event for Halifax Pride 2019. Her thoughtfulness, attention to inclusive language and willingness to employ her family's story to help others learn was very much appreciated by our organization and our guests. Her warmth as a presenter put audience members at ease, even when talking about topics that can be difficult for some to discuss.”


V.B. Bridgewater,  Lunenburg Queens Recreation Summer Staff Training, June 2021

Everything about this workshop I found to be very beneficial and informative. It was probably the best training I have received on this topic.