S3 E33: Decolonize your Identity with Kassidy Bernard

Season #3

Kwe’! It is Mi'kmaq History Month throughout the province of Nova Scotia and Hey, Cis! is celebrating... and learning... together with our special guest, Kassidy Bernard (they/them/Nekem). Kassidy Bernard is an L’nu and Scottish Two-Spirit youth from We’koqma’q. Kassidy grew up in Unama’ki, one of the seven ancestral districts of Mi’kma’ki.

'In my twenty-five years of life, I’ve grown and made connections within my L’nu, Two-Spirit, and creative communities. I continue to unlearn colonial standards to make room for my L’nu worldview which prioritizes humor, rest, and community care. This is reflected in my relationships; creations in design, illustration, and podcasting; and in my continued learning in body literacy, birthwork, foraging, and whatever else my neurodivergent mind desires!'

In addition to being a co-owner of Patuo’kn Illustration and Design with their older sister Kaylyn, Kassidy holds an elected role as Indigenous Rep for CFS-NS.

After six years living in Kjipuktuk, and attending NSCAD University, they moved back home. It was in Kjipuktuk that they say they blossomed, and are thankful to the supportive community of friends that formed around them. Kassidy now lives happily at the foot of Apitusa’, the mountain that looks over the lake in We’koqma’q.

To learn more about Kassidy's favourite music, film recommendations and more, head over to our blog The Bridge on Saturday!


You can connect with Kassidy:

  • Instagram: @kassidyraine
  • Facebook: @kassidy.bernard.7

This episode is hosted by Cyn Sweeney (She/Her) and Isaac Cook (He/They).

Cyn is a cis, straight beyond binary educator and author focusing on 'beyond binary' inclusion and breaking heteronormative and cisnormative practices.  As a storyteller and community writer Cynthia is inspired by peoples stories - and listening fully. In her late 20s she felt insulted to be described as a 'bull in china shop,' when it came to pushing barriers and cutting through red tape. More than two decades on, she realizes it's served as one of her best assets in role-modelling for her 3 children and family.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Isaac Cook is a transgender, non-binary, queer person with a passion for making change. With a degree in Linguistics and Criminology, Isaac has more than six years of communications, marketing and web development experience with a particular passion for STEM- focused and non-profit organizations. Outside of his work with Cyn at Simply Good Form Inc., Isaac enjoys cooking, travelling, astrology and hanging out with his dogs Aspen and Timber.

Produced and edited in-house.

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Hey, Cis! thanks musical artist Craymo for our intro/extro song: Be Myself

Written by: Craig Stephen Raymo/Brandon Jarrett/Joshua Daniel Hershfield (c) (p) 2015 Craymo Music, BMI/Moho Music, ASCAP