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S2:E26: Inspiring the Future Generation through Mentorship with Proud Pairs

Season #2

Did you have a role model growing up? 

Someone you could see yourself in.... someone with similar passions, goals, values to your own? 

What does isolation feel like, when you do not have this kind of connection? And why is it so important?

Connection, visibility and belonging have never been more important and today we are talking to an inspiring leader who is creating connections for Queer people in our community through a new program, along with someone who is benefiting from these meaningful connections.

Everyone deserves a role model and that is the motto at Proud Pairs, a one-on-one mentorship program connecting 2SLGBTQ+ youth with 2SLGBTQ+ adults in the Halifax Regional Municipality. This program, which is currently in its first wave, is founded by Lauren Sobot (she/her), a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University.

After being positively impacted by her own 2SLGBTQ+ mentors in university, Lauren became passionate about launching Proud Pairs to bring the transformative experience of mentorship to other young people!

Today Lauren and Lily (they/them), a mentee of the program, join us here on Hey, Cis! to talk about the importance of mentorship for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, why having a role model is something many cisgender people take for granted, and the impact the program has had on the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Nova Scotia.


Hey, Cis! is a beyond binary conversation in being a better human.

We are about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, students and adults within our Maritime community.

We take on difficult topics; (and this week it is a difficult topic), breaking us out of the binary, smashing stigma and fostering greater connection between our cisgender community and trans, gender creative and non-binary community. 

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