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S2:E25: Taking ACCOUNTability for Your Actions with X

Season #2

In Season 2, episode #25 of Hey, Cis!, 'Taking ACCOUNTability with X' we hit on an important topic about accountability.

X (They/ Them) is a visual artist who uses drag as their medium. Working primarily as a performer and show producer within the nightlife scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia; X uses their platform to explore gender, fashion, performance, and persona. Starting to produce under their stage name in 2018, X gravitated towards this subversive art form because it allowed them to culminate many different creative disciplines at once while being unapologetically queer. 

In addition to performing in the nightlife scene, X has gone on to work on various multimedia projects including producing fashion films in partnership with Halifax based designers, Producing self-portrait series, working alongside musicians and most recently due to the covid 19 pandemic, producing digital drag performances for online drag shows with producers from across North America. 

X not only uses their platform to express their artistic visions but to also be an advocate and activist for non-binary visibility and queer exploration through drag. X focuses on sharing their story in hopes to inspire confidence and freedom in whomever may be watching. 

Hey, Cis! is a beyond binary conversation in being a better human.

We are about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, students and adults within our Maritime community.

We take on difficult topics; (and this week it is a difficult topic), breaking us out of the binary, smashing stigma and fostering greater connection between our cisgender community and trans, gender creative and non-binary community. 

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Show Notes & Credits

You can find X’s work on Instagram and twitter under @callthemx, and on Facebook under @callmex. 

Hey, Cis! thanks musical artist Craymo for our intro/extro song: Be Myself

Artist: Craymo

Written by: Craig Stephen Raymo/Brandon Jarrett/Joshua Daniel Hershfield (c) (p) 2015 Craymo Music, BMI/Moho Music, ASCAP Website: