S2:E24: There are No Winners in Oppression Olympics with Jefferson Darrell

Season #2

In this episode we are joined by the dynamic Jefferson Darrell (he/him). Founder of Breakfast Culture, Jefferson is among Canada’s earliest outliers in the IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) arena; successfully driving positive change management for organizations for the past five years resulting in more diverse and inclusive teams and increased revenue or new business opportunities.

Isaac and Cyn had the opportunity to talk with Jefferson about journeys in decolonization, the term 'homonoir' and the intersections of identities and being black and gay and traversing both communities as an advocate, educator, and human.

Jefferson shares an interesting revelation within his own dynamic intersectional relationships after the controversial Dave Chappelle Netflix special The Closer, broke.

The underlying thread throughout this episode... there truly are no winners in Oppression Olympics.

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