S2:E20: Decking the Halls with 'New Queer Holiday Cheer' Playlist

Season #2

Let's Get Festive! In this episode we are filling your halls with Queer festive music.  That's right: gay, merry and bright!

Kenney Fitzpatrick of Q LGBTQ Creative Network is jamming out with us and sharing tunes and celebrating Queer artists in this episode. We'll talk about where the music comes from, celebrate Canadian artists and artists from further afield.  Afterwards, head on over to the full playlist and hear what resonates with you and have a very merry and lyrical holiday season from Hey, Cis!

Cyn & Isaac

Head over here for the full playlist New Queer Holiday Cheer 

Twitter: @TheQReviews 

Artists to check out:

Happy Seasons Greetings to you all and thanks for listening in 2021. 


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