S2:E19: Sparking Passion from Pain with Deva Station

Season #2

Content Warning: The following episode contains discussions surrounding death, HIV and AIDS which may be a difficult topic for some listeners.

December 1st marks International World AIDS Day and on this episode of Hey, Cis!, 'Sparking Passion from Pain with Deva Station', we commemorate the day with a very special guest, Deva Station.

Seven feet tall in hair and heels, and an attitude through the roof, Deva is an Elder of the Halifax Drag Community and loves to recognize and help new and upcoming talent as the Ultimate Drag Auntie.

Deva is also HIV positive and shares with us the dark moments after she was diagnosed as HIV positive; and how it was the best thing to ever happen to her. She advocates frequently to stop the stigma, encourage testing and says more education in schools is needed.


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Show notes:

AIDS Coalition of NS

Deva has her own production company StationDRG Media Productions she is currently producing two shows Queens Ranting and now Apocalyptic Kitchen.