S2:E16: Prioritizing Bill C-6: Conversion Therapy and Politics of Queer Identities

Season #2

Welcome to Season 2 of Hey, Cis! A beyond binary journey to being a better human.

In August we spoke to Chris, a younger brother of someone who underwent conversion therapy when they were a young adult. In impacted Chris' entire family for decades. Chris speaks candidly of his memories before his brother was sent away, and the future impacts it had upon his brother and himself.

We are joined again by Honourable Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth Bardish Chagger, along with Halifax activist Rae O'Neil.

With an election called this September, this long-time coming Bill, which had reached Senate status, has now died and it's going to be up to the people of Canada; ALL people to understand what a ban on conversion therapy means for Canadians.

Topics we consider in today's episode include gender identity and sexual orientation; prioritizing this legislation; and understanding how you can help....

Tune-in and join the conversation.

Hey, Cis! is a beyond binary conversation in being a better human.

We are about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, students and adults within our Maritime community.

We take on difficult topics; (and this week it is a difficult topic), breaking us out of the binary, smashing stigma and fostering greater connection between our cisgender community and trans, gender creative and non-binary community.

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