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Simply Good Form evolved in 2018. It began as a navigational tool; as a way to connect people who were navigating challenges and needing support around LGBTQ2+ inclusion. A blog emerged and finally in early 2019 the Consultancy formed as a way to formally connect and inform businesses, educators and organizations small and large through our workshops and seminars.

We are a socially-focused business actively giving back to our trans communities, as we recognize this community is one of the most marginalized groups of people that touches all intersections of race, ethnicity, socio-economic and geographical backgrounds.

Professional Development Credit

This Workshop is outlined and easy to follow and it is designed to be a Professional Development credit for teachers, administrators and guidance counsellors.

Each Module is completed in sequence. It's designed to build upon each module and as we offer a certified program, we want to ensure we answer all your questions and give you the tools to easily transfer beyond the screen to the classroom.

I've attached a 'Top of Mind' Worksheet. Download it and save or print before diving into the course. It's a tool to ensure you can easily jot down:

  1. a wave of inspiration;
  2. a question or;
  3. something you'd like clarification about

There will be a place to share these 'Top of Mind' thoughts with us within the course. But, we recognize it can be disruptive for you to have to pause and write -- or even try to recall a specific question later on. 

Keep it beside you and doodle away!

Course Overview:

  •  Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation
  • Differences between gender and sex
  • Where does identity come from?
  • Terminology and definitions of sex and gender: LGB and TQ2
  • Gender Expression and Gender Identity
  • Gender spectrum
  • Exploring gender expression
  • Marginalization of trans and non-binary students in:
  • Primary to Grade 4
  • Grade 5/6
  • Jr. High+
  • Human Rights in Canada and LGBTQ2 History
  • Intersections of Transgender students
  • Pronouns
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Between the classroom and the home
  • Supporting gender questioning and gender diverse students
  • Supporting families of gender diverse students
  • Action Plan
  • Building my Ally Toolkit
  • Active Scenarios
  • Resources

This course will take approximately 3 to 5 Hours. It may be completed at your own pace. Upon completion it will be available to you online for 14 days.

Let's go!


Closed Captioning Video Transcription:


00:00:14,000 --> 00:00:18,000

My name is Cyndi Sweeney I use she/her pronouns.


00:00:21,000 --> 00:00:27,000

My name is Kaylee Fox and I’m apart of Simply Good Form’s Inclusion Team.


00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:36,000

My name is Isaac Cook and I’m a proud member of the Inclusion Team here at Simply Good Form.


00:00:38,000 --> 00:00:47,000

OK, so you’re here and you’re already to get started. ‘What is this course going to look like?” This course is broken into five modules.


00:00:48,000 --> 00:01:04,000

The first module is basically an introduction showing you what this course entails and what it’s all about. You’ll get an opportunity to meet your instructors and get a little bit of an idea of their background. And then we’re going to dive right into it.


00:01:05,000 --> 00:01:17,000

So the second module is all about going beyond binary. We’re going to talk to you about what transgender and non-binary means. And have a look at the differences between sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.


00:01:18,000 --> 00:01:31,000

We’ll introduce concepts of inclusive language. We’ll also talk about the importance of being yourself and feeling good about it. Module 3 is all about communications and the importance of inclusive language. 


00:01:32,000 --> 00:01:40,000

An important element of the class will be looking over terminology; what’s inclusive, what’s not inclusive and getting everyone comfortable using inclusive language.


00:01:41,000 --> 00:01:53,000

And also about being aware of language that can be hurtful and transphobic and making sure we’re creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all children. And creating allyship.


00:01:55,000 --> 00:02:01,000

Also in Module 3, you’re going to be introduced to the concepts around micro-aggressions, and trans-terminology and pronoun guidance.


00:02:02,000 --> 00:02:12,000

Then at the end of Module 3, there will be a reflection, which is an activity that you can participate in. And then moving onto Module 4. Module 4 is the What, the Why, the How. 


00:02:13,000 --> 00:02:26,000

So, inclusive classrooms, safe schools and the ABC’s of pulling it all together. We’re going to give you a background on human rights and protecting human identity in the classroom and beyond.


00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:44,000

We’ll talk about marginalization of youth in Canada and the mental health impacts. And then we’re going to look at Privilege and play Privileges for Sale. As well as reflecting back on the activity and the exercise and what you take away from it.


00:02:46,000 --> 00:03:05,000

So we’ll help give you tools to able to empower you in feeling comfortable using inclusive language; gender neutral language; language that ensures inclusion for ALL of your students. And also, making your students aware of inclusive language practices going forward throughout the years they’ll be in school.


00:03:09,000 --> 00:03:21,000

And Module 5 is all about your Active Ally Toolkit. It’s pulling it all together and taking it out into the world. Beyond the screen and into your classroom. We’ll look at washroom scenarios within the bathrooms and how does that fit within your school?


00:03:22,000 --> 00:03:41,000

We’ll talk about active ally scenarios and what to do in certain situations? Let’s help build a toolkit of responses. Inclusive Lesson Plans help you build lesson plans right around your inclusion library if you have one, of if you have particular books you love working with.


00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:49,000

We’re just here to help give you a helping hand in curriculum-based outcomes and how they can be met by using these books.


00:03:52,000 --> 00:04:06,000

In Module 5 we also look at Bridging the Gap. So, how can you better communicate with families of gender expansive children, trans and non-binary children to help support your students within the classroom, 


00:04:07,000 --> 00:04:18,000

but perhaps also be able to provide resources and navigation for parents who might be struggling to understand the concepts of gender identity and gender expression.

00:04:19,000 --> 00:04:29,000

We will help give you some ideas on helping to bridge that gap. Whether you’re in a Guidance Counsellor position or whether you’re in a teacher position as well.

00:04:30,000 --> 00:04:45,000

And then we’ll be wrapping it all up. We’ll prepare you certificate; welcoming any feedback on this course; what we can do to expand on certain concepts; what you felt perhaps wasn’t needed and could have been left out. 


00:04:46,000 --> 00:04:49,000

As we’ll give you a list of resources going forward.

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:54,000

And a password and information on being able to join the online members group.


00:04:55,000 --> 00:05:13,000

We look forward to going beyond binary with you and looking at gender identity, gender expression and then sexual orientation as it applies within the classroom and the students you are teaching. So, let’s get started without further ado and we’re really excited! Welcome!