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The Pink Balloon, a book about gender identity and shining as your true self

NOW available to purchase.  An inclusive storybook for children 4 to 8 years old.

The Pink Balloon is a story about gender identity and shining as your true self. 

Somewhere near the seaside, a child named Briar is about to be born. But, Briar's story has already begun when a pink balloon floats surprisingly out of a box.

Inspired by a true story, this is a heartwarming journey of a new family, a balloon, and a child who shows the world it is what’s on the inside that counts the most.

Author Cynthia Sweeney with co-author BriAnna Simons. Art by Briana Corr Scott.

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Hi! From Cynthia and BriAnna

We are author Cynthia and co-author BriAnna;  mom's who came together at a community connection group for parents of gender expansive children.  We became fast-friends and together, we are sharing a heartwarming story about celebrating diversity and gender identity in support of transgender children; building allyship and inclusion in families and the communities which surround them.

Cynthia is a writer, educator, journalist and podcaster living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her family. She is currently writing her second book.

BriAnna (She/Her) is a clinical social worker at BriAnna Simons Therapeutic Services on the South Shore in Nova Scotia. She specializes in providing child and play based therapies and is the author of the book Emotionally Attuned Parenting ~ An Easy + Fun Guide to Helping Your Child Through the Tough Stuff of Life.

Meet Briana Corr Scott

Beautifully illustrated by Briana Corr Scott, Briana paints and writes from her home studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where she lives with her husband and three children. Her paintings and stories capture the beauty of the natural world, particularly the overlooked details found in the weeds and flowers found along the Nova Scotia coast. She is  the author of The Book of SelkieShe Dreams of Sable Island. and her upcoming picture book "Wildflower".

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Inspired by a true story:

BriAnna and Cynthia recently joined a panel of author and parents of trans children to share experiences along the-road-less-travelled and the importance of story-telling a having a village of support. Here is  a small clip from the Halifax PRIDE event.


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The Pink Balloon

ISBN: 978-1-7775816-1-9

Registered Feb. 2021 

Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia