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LGBT+ Business Advocate of the Year Finalist: peak inside the Gala advocacy media podcast td Nov 15, 2022

I had so much fun at Canada's LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) Annual LGBT+ Business Awards! I decided to be a roving reporter for Hey,Cis! and connected with a few folks before my mic went haywire.

It was an extraordinary night filled with inspirational leaders, thoughtful...

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Leave your Ableism outside the Bedroom: in conversation with Andrew Gurza and Rachele Manett ableism advocacy books disability heycis! podcast venus envy May 20, 2022

What if you're 'a cripple and you're Queer'?

I am always thinking about the power of words. What is OK and what is not, especially in today's cancel culture society.

As we head on into the May long weekend, I pose to you, the reader, this question:

  • Does the above...
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Guest podcast conversation on Where Parents Talk advocacy books childrens books media parenting podcast the pink balloon transyouth Nov 22, 2021

Where Parents Talk is a network focused on helping inspire confidence in parenting so parents can parent with relentless optimism to raise happy, thriving children. 

In November BriAnna and Cynthia had the opportunity to talk with Lianne Castelino about The Pink Balloon and...

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Simply Good Form Inc.
In the Media
In the Media advocacy cbc ctv media name change pronouns Sep 09, 2021

Advocacy is a HUGE piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form Inc. 

Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy, outreach and media. 

“Queer all year”

Cynthia and Isaac talking inclusion in Summer 2022 issue The Business Voice with Halifax Chamber of Commerce:

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Simply Good Form Inc.
Trans Day of Remembrance 2018
Trans Day of Remembrance 2018 advocacy cbc media tdor Nov 20, 2018

Advocacy is a piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form.  Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy and media exposure. Above is an Information Radio clip from a Transgender Day of Remembrance.


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