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Hey, Cis! S1E2: What would you want for your own kids? heycis! inclusion podcast pronouns schools transyouth Oct 12, 2020

Hey, Cis; Hey, who?

Cis = latin preface for 'on the same side as.

Cisgender is someone whose gender identity aligns with their sex as assigned at birth.

Cisgender is someone who has the ability to make the world safer, brighter and more inclusive for trans people young and old. Cisgender is...

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Simply Good Form Inc.
Trans Day of Remembrance 2018
Trans Day of Remembrance 2018 advocacy cbc media tdor Nov 20, 2018

Advocacy is a piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form.  Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy and media exposure. Above is an Information Radio clip from a Transgender Day of Remembrance.


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Gender Cool Project 'helping kids thrive' books childrens books inclusion lending library nonbinary transyouth Sep 18, 2018

Citizen awesome! These remarkable teens are making waves across the U.S. with their fantastic new movement GenderCoolProject.

They've also published 3 great resource books for youth and teens and you can borrow a copy through our lending library. See below. (Updated Summer 2021)

"The project...

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The Invisible Parents Club blog journey transyouth Feb 08, 2018

One day my family changed forever.

And in that day, the societal 'Village' that always supported my kids, kept them safe, stood together; it changed too.  

The 'Village' I had always known and been privileged too, didn't include us anymore. 

We were suddenly on the fringe,...

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