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The Invisible Parents Club

blog journey transyouth Feb 08, 2018
Three children linked arms walking away up a tree-lined driveway

One day my family changed forever.

And in that day, the societal 'Village' that always supported my kids, kept them safe, stood together; it changed too. 


The 'Village' didn't include us anymore. 

We were suddenly on the fringe, scratching our heads, and wondering... Why?

We are apart of the Invisible Parents Club.

Raising gender diverse kids who are either stealth or open.  We support; but don't expose. We protect them when the Village can't because it doesn't see them.

The invisible world of gender diverse and trans children and the parents and caregivers who are learning to support them; striving for answers; holding their breath when around every corner there is an opportunity for acceptance and an opportunity for discrimination.

The children you see are crazy brave.

Because visibility is still a challenge, the invisible ones exist all around you.

*There are approx. 1/2 a million gender diverse and transgender children in Canada. And not until the rules apply to everyone, can we as parents exhale and rejoin the Village; because, inclusion matters.


*Based on stat of 8 million children in Canada and the underreported stat that approx. up to 3% of people identify as transgender (2018).

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