LGBT+ Business Advocate of the Year Finalist: peak inside the Gala

advocacy media podcast td Nov 15, 2022

I had so much fun at Canada's LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) Annual LGBT+ Business Awards! I decided to be a roving reporter for Hey,Cis! and connected with a few folks before my mic went haywire.

It was an extraordinary night filled with inspirational leaders, thoughtful storytelling, sparkle, joy and an opportunity to celebrate incredible work taking place from coast to coast. Take a peak inside to hear Cyn speaking with Paul Seguil (He/Him) of TD Bank Group and a Finalist, as well as Connor McKiggan (They/He) from SGF and CGLCC.

It was a privilege and so inspiring to attend as a CGLCC: LGBT+ Advocate of the Year Finalist. Congratulations to Suzie Yorke on winning and to the other finalists who are doing amazing work.

The energy of the theme, ‘Don’t Stop Us Now’ could felt amongst more than 450 attendees. Cheers to new friends and old including, to name a few: Terri McDowell (R) (Photo on left with Cyn Sweeney (L)), of EY (LGBT+ Business Leader of the Year), Connor McKiggan and Jefferson Darrell, (Photo above announcing Winner of LGBT+ Business Advocate of the Year), who also joined us Hey, Cis! Season 2 "There are No Winners in Oppression Olympics with Jefferson Darrell".


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