One Bad Mother: Journey from fear to fierce

blog books childrens books health healthcare heycis! parenting transyouth Jan 21, 2022

 Laughing through an hour at something I don't usually laugh about, was pure January-therapy!

What a trip being a guest on the L.A.-based podcast One Bad Mother and keeping up with the host, Biz. Thank you One Bad Mother for inviting me onto your podcast.

Despite the distance (L.A. to Hali), and all the tech challenges that rolled in with a nor'easter, we made it happen.

Thank you for inviting me onto the show to talk about the journey of going from a fearful parent with very little information about gender identity, to..... what I didn't realize... somewhat of a fierce warrior (slightly) obsessed with breaking down stigma and barriers for all trans children, youth and the families loving and supporting them.

Episode 438: We Journey Beyond The Binary with Cynthia Sweeney

It's great to be at this place surrounded by so many trans and non-binary warriors and confident we're helping create space to shine for many.  Listen as we get personal about some of the journey and relish in the idea that no matter how bad we sometimes feel we're doing at parenting... we've got this!

Thank you Gabe, Producer of One Bad Mother for working your sound magic and your superior recording skills!

Happy January (almost February)... hang in there!

xo Cyn


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