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Simply Good Form Inc.
In the Media

Advocacy is a HUGE piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form Inc. 

Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy, outreach and media. 

“Queer all year”

Cynthia and Isaac talking inclusion in Summer 2022 issue The Business Voice with Halifax Chamber of Commerce:

“Seeing businesses embrace Pride with rainbows and flags is great if it inspires a conversation. I would like to see more businesses leading the way by getting the tools to be intentional about it. There are years of struggle, erasure, exclusion, and lost lives embedded in those bright rainbow colours. There is a responsibility for everyone to be part of changing this narrative.”

— Cynthia Sweeney Simply Good Form

N.S. has highest percentage of trans and non-binary residents, according to new census data

"What gets measured is what gets counted," said Dr. Andrew Link about their study 'One Chance To Be A Child'.

For the first time ever, the Canadian 2021 Census has included transgender and non-binary people as part of the population. Why is this significant, for trans and gender expansive youth and also trans adults? And what surprised us the most?

Tune-in to our Isaac Cook, Sr. DEI Consultant with Simply Good Form, breaking it down with Jeff Douglas:

CTV Morning LIVE

Information Morning: Free 2SLGBT reading event at schools across the province

Bite-Sized Balance: Raising Transgender Kids and Allies 


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