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Guest podcast conversation on Bite-Sized Balance with Wendy McCallum

kids media parenting podcast trans youth transyouth Nov 22, 2021
Raising transgender children and allies podcast Bite-Sized Balalnce

Bri and I had the pleasure of talking with Wendy McCallum, the host of Bite-Sized Balance podcast, about the challenges and joys that have come with parenting our children as well as some helpful insight for parents of cis kids around how to raise sensitive allies for transgender children. 

We share about the inspiration for our new children’s book, The Pink Balloon, and resources for families with a member who is questioning their gender identity. 

The hour was fun and... honestly... a little emotional, as Wendy was one of the first 'fierce-friends' I turned to in the early days of my own gender journey when I was learning to strap-up my brave boots and navigate a safe path for my child.

Unsurprisingly, as parents, Bri's journey is very unique from mine. But as parents, we have one very important thing in common - the unconditional, fierce love for our children.

Thanks Wendy for providing space to explore some of this with you and your listeners.

Raising Transgender Kids and Allies:

Listen to the podcast here:




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