Simply Good Form's BEYOND BARRIERS 4 INCLUSION (BB4I) Inclusive Professional Skills is an on-demand course to empower people and organizations, created by Principle, Founder Cynthia Sweeney (She/Her) and the team at SGF.

You don't need this course to 'tick' a skills box on your portfolio. Anyone can display a rainbow sticker. Without intention, you're setting yourself up to miss the mark. Missing the mark has Human Rights implications.

You're here because you recognize the importance of understanding the changing narrative of communication, language and job expectations. You're ready to empower yourself with the tools to shift these skills into action. You recognize the value of getting it right; and the implications of when you don't. And you're ready to be on the leading edge of beyond binary thinking.

Ready to elevate your equity, inclusion and belonging skills?



Familiarize yourself with the BB4I 'HOW TO' software platform by watching the video above. This instructional video goes over the logistics of the asynchronous e-learning course.

'How-To' Video

Watch Video #1 above to familiarize yourself with how the Course Lessons are set-up. Inside there are learning Modules and each Module is made up of 'Posts' or 'Pages'. Every Post will have a combination of the following:

  • Lesson to read;
  • Video to watch;
  • Question/observation to type at the bottom of the page in the comments section;
  • Assessment/Quiz to complete;
  • Optional: Support workbook materials and resources to download (for those who like note-take/doodle);
  • Pre-Course and End of Course anonymous Questionnaires

GOAL: Empower participants with thought-leadership skills and tools to shift binary biases, lead inclusively and create brave equitable spaces.

BB4I Orientation Videos

The following videos introduce you to some of the team, provide the 'why' behind Simply Good Form's mission and values and share an acknowledgement of the land on which we live, work and teach.

Simply Good Form Inc. is located in Mi'kmaqi, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people. Speaker1: We are all treaty people. We are responsible to treat one another respectfully and with dignity.

In the third video Emma shares our safe spaces statement, which we encourage all to watch prior to entering the Full training program.


Course Outcomes:

Actionable verbal and non-verbal 'tools' or strategies that dismantle binary barriers to creating welcoming spaces;

  • Understanding gender identity and gender expression beyond the binary and importance in the workplace; 
  • Best practices for fostering equitable learning and working cultures;
  • Principle of thought-leadership;
  • Lens to shift bias;
  • Introduction to inclusive communication tools;
  • Bias checks to promote positive interactions with others;
  • Tools for inspiring brave and safe learning environments;

An interactive approach to working through the material:

Lessons + Videos + Activities

BB4I: Leadership Skills is structured to enable you to work through each Module and complete the exercises in each section, at your own pace. There is an anonymous Questionnaire to complete before beginning the program.



Safe Learning Environment:

We strive to create brave spaces to encourage thoughtful conversations. In the video above, Emma provides an overview about this.Education designed to help learners identify and address patterns of harm, necessarily contains specific and somewhat detailed discussions of what constitutes that harm.
For anyone who has been personally impacted by similar experiences, this type of content may, on one hand, make a person feel seen and validated, and on the other, trigger feelings of deep hurt.

We want to emphasize the importance of prioritizing taking care of yourselves and your fellow learners during difficult conversations. Opting out is a valid form of taking care of yourself and should be supported by educators and activity leaders. Please let us know if we can provide an alternative solution.

 CW = Content Warning



Put the tools and techniques you learn into practice during a post-program, group coaching session (included with certain packages). This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own self-journey and marrying up the teaching principles to the core values of their work place. We'll have an opportunity to scenario-build, customize learning needs and create resources.

Inclusion is a journey. Our clients benefit from learning from a variety of diverse perspectives and find it powerful to learn that they are not alone in their worry or fears around making a mistake.

Simply Good Form is a journey in building thought-leadership with intention.




Empowers learners with self-paced interaction.

100% of participants say they would recommend BB4I e-learning program!

In your space and at your own pace with reflexive learning strategies.

100% engagement through modular flow of learning over approx. 3 hours of virtual lessons, videos and activities.

Reflexive, safe options to engage in problem-solving and Q&A.

"Everything about this workshop I found to be very beneficial and informative. It was probably the best training I have received on this topic."

V.B. Bridgewater,  Lunenburg Queens Recreation Summer Staff Training, June 2021

"Excellent Team! Provided great insights on how to make my business welcoming to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community."

Bootprints Hiking Tours, Fall 2021

"...your session came out as a highlight for everyone. Thanks again for the session content, for the approach, the professionalism, and the vibe."

J. Conrad, Coordinators/Directors Association, June 2021

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